Organic Acai Powder 70g

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✓ Acai Berries Indigenous to Brazil , are one of the most nutritious berries.
This berry is a  powerful source of antioxidants and it is one of our absolutely favorites.

 ✓ Enjoy the powder every day as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    ✓ The wonderful natural color and flavor its retained in its powder form due to its  drying process retaining the vitamins from the Berry.  Add to your smoothies ,Power bowls , breakfasts , oatmeal or delicious raw food recipes.


    RECIPE:  Acai Strawberry -Banana -Coconut Power  Bowl :

    3 small frozen bananas

    1/3 cup frozen stawberries

    1 tbs of coconut cream

    2 tbs of Our  ORGANIC - Acai Powder 


    HOW TO:

    -Use a high speed blender (at least 1000W) -Blend with frozen ingredients. -Use little liquid but enough to get it to move. -Be patient! Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes to get the perfect consistency, but this one took me 30 seconds! enjoy! :)


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